May 3, 2008

Involving almost 2 years of full-time Flex development Bepacked is, at the time of writing, the jewel in my development crown, The entire flash player based user-interface was designed and developed entirely by myself in conjunction with the Sydney based owners. is one of the most comprehensive example available of what is achievable on the Flex platform, (see also Adobe Customer Showcase:

Bepacked is a web application aimed at leveraging the massive 500 Thousand Backpackers that visit our shores each year. Bepacked allows them a means of finding new places, a way planning & tracking their movements and keeping diary and photograph records of their adventures.

My task was the development of the entire Flex front-end portion of the web site. From pencil sketches to production it was my job the bring this fantastic idea to life.

This Flex applications features we all hand crafted by myself and include:

  • A structure based on Cairngorm 2.
  • Modular loading of the many sub-sections of the application.
  • Numerous connections to ColdFusion via Remoting.
  • A unique and extremely fast location point finding system (working in conjunction with Cold Fusion and MS SQL)
  • A custom map navigation interface.
  • A globally available Photo gallery.
  • A complex line drawing system that connects the users location points.
  • Drag and Drop functionality.
  • Object-Oriented programming.
  • Custom styles, skins and graphics.Hundreds of customised classes and components.

View this application at

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