April 28, 2009

Murdoch University

The new Murdoch University website is now open to the www. In typical Market United style it is a particularly clean and usable site that I am excited to say I contributed to, namely:

The 'lines' banner on the homepage

My part in the lines project was to be the design/technical glue, the link that bridged the massive gap between the designers vision and the seriously technical 3D line rendering core code. The mathematical core of the lines was written by one of MU's senior developers. It was my job to marry the worlds and complete an all mighty team effort.

Combining the 'lines' in a banner ad campaign and the result is a hypnotic and (according to the stats) very popular marketing tool.

The course browse tool

Credit to the creative team that produced the concepts for these two elements, both playful and yet still focused on the goal of promotion Murdoch University to potential students. The Course browse tool puts a much needed spin on the usual dry, boring alphabetical list of courses. It is both fun and very practical all in the same funky & usable little package.

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