October 7, 2009

Home renovator

Combining PaperVision3D, video and classic flash animation this deceptively simple flash application is a fun, interactive educational tool.

The trick in the treat is the spinning motion of the house image and the icons. PaperVision3D elements have been synchronised to move with per-rendered 3D video. It breaths depth and interest into the otherwise rather bland subject of energy efficiency.

Our use of PaperVsion3D on this occasion is a very very subtle one, which is not a bad thing. The current mantra of PaperVision3D projects seems to be "look at me I am use PaperVision3D arn't I clever" which is fine because it is a new toy and everyone is still a bit excited about it. However I welcome the time when using PaperVision3D matures into a more subtle art.

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