September 18, 2012

WiFi Garage Door opener - Netdunio

With help from a Netduino I can now open my garage door with the web browser on my mobile device. This is very very handy and very 007.

They wanted $100 for a replacement garage door remote, a cheap PCB with some resistors and a 30c chip. Buh! I refused to pay it but I still need to open my garage door, even if it is old and dying.

What a great opportunity to play with the Arduino platform. I immediately bought a Netdunio Plus, a magically piece of technology allowing you to use a web browser and to interface with real world electronics.

I this case I connected my Netduino to my home wireless router, so my phone (or any device with wifi permission) can browse to the netdunio IP address and receive back a big button that says "Garage Door".

Push the button and it signals the Netdunio to open an output port, which signals a transistor, which triggers a relay which is connected to the garage door motor, which open the door. So simple!

Now the wife and family all have the ability to open the garage door if they need, it is like having an endless supply of free remote controls.

If i did it again I would probably connect the Netdunio to the last remaining remote control rather that hard wiring it all. Either way it works great.

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