March 7, 2013

SharePoint Designer 2013: an error occurred while trying to fetch data from your sharepoint

Whilst try to open a SharePoint 2013 site with SP Designer 2013 I received this error: "an error occurred while trying to fetch data from your SharePoint site".

A Google search returned nothing but results for similar issues with SP Designer 2010. Many of the posts (like this one) I found suggested the solution had to do with windows authentication, but none of solution matched with what I saw in windows IIS in Windows 2008 SP2.

There is a private joke among the help desk support guys that I have worked with: "Shut up and reboot" Which is the crude way of saying sometimes the only thing you can do is restart, and many times, as in this time, it works. The solution, In IIS, disabled then re-enabled Windows Authentication in on the SharePoint - 80 Site.

Let me walk you through it:

In Windows Server 2008:
1) Open IIS.
2) Click on "SharePoint - 80"
3) Double-click the Authentication icon.
4) Right Click "Windows Authentication".
5) Click Disable.

4) Right Click "Windows Authentication".
5) Click Enable.

Hopefully, you will no longer receive the error when trying to open a site in SharePoint Designer 2013.


  1. a reboot worked. Thanks!

  2. I enabled windows authentication but still i'm getting that popped up error. what can be the root cause?

    1. Disable your Windows authentication and enable your Basic settings. Go to Internet explorer browser -> Internet Options -> Security and Click on sites -> Add your site to the trusted site and don't forget to untick (Require Server verification "https:" for all sites in this zone) -> Click apply and OK --> Restart PC

      Open site to SharePoint Designer 2013

      I'd previously tried other workarounds but the fix worked for me.

  3. That's brilliant worked perfectly thanks!!

  4. I actually did not enable my Windows Authentication as it still giving me problems not only on my SP2013 website. What I did is I disabled windows authentication and enable basic settings. I go to my IE browser, Internet options -> Security -> Choose Trusted Sites and click sites, I added my site and unticked "Require Server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone", Apply and click OK. Restart your computer and try logging on to SharePoint Designer. There were several workarounds that i tried but this one worked for me.