May 21, 2013

Connect a SharePoint Farm and Workflow Manager with both HTTP & HTTPS

We finally got our SharePoint 2013 server running with SSL certificates in place, Workflow Manager configured, Office Web Apps connected and SQL servers syncing. It seems fair to say that SP 2013 installation is a bit more effort that SP 2010! Which created a time issue: I needed to get our new intranet operating ASAP so I had to skip the separate development environment and develop on same server in a separate web application. (Not ideal, I know, but its temporary)

So, I setup my temporary development web application but I have a problem: the Live web application uses HTTPS and I want my development site to use HTTP. How can I connect SharePoint to Workflow Manager on both web apps?

The Powershell command to connect SharePoint to Workflow Manager has a scopeName property, we can use this.

Lets look at the first connection, https:

Register-SPWorkflowService –SPSite –WorkflowHostUri

The default scopeName is "sharepoint", so no need to use scopeName for our first connection.

My second (HTTP) connection looks like this:

Register-SPWorkflowService –SPSite http://dev.xzy.local:10985 –WorkflowHostUri http://hostname.zyx.local:12291 -ScopeName Development –AllowOAuthHttp

Using scopeName will create a second connection to Workflow Manager called "Development". Use port 12991 (not 12990) for WorkflowHostUri and you must add –AllowOAuthHttp.

More detailed info can be found in this helpful blog entry.

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